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A hand is dominated by another hand if it has very little chance of winning against that hand. Domination usually happens when the two hands have one common card, with the dominated hand having the lower kicker.


Your Hand
King of SpadesSeven of Clubs
Opponent's Hand
King of DiamondsKing of Clubs

Your K-7 is almost completely dominated by your opponent's K-K. It's pretty easy to see why. Suppose you hit 7-x-x on the flop, your pair of Sevens will still lose to his pair of Kings. Even if you hit a K-x-x, that same King on the board will give your opponent a set of Kings, beating your pair of Kings. And finally, even if you hit both the King and the Seven and make two pairs of Kings and Sevens, your two pairs is still no good against his set of Kings. You can only hope that the board gives you two Sevens and no king, giving you a full house against his two pairs.

So what exactly are your chances? Even before the flop is dealt, you only have a 6.59% of winning, losing 92.08% of the time and manage a tie 1.34% of the time.

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