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Nut Straight Flush

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Having the nut straight flush means having made the best possible straight flush with the cards on the board.

Wait a minute. Isn't the nut straight flush also the absolute nut hand? Yes it is. But instead of saying you have the nuts, you say you have the nut straight flush when there is a high chance of someone else could have made a lower ranking straight flush (typically when four of the five cards needed are already on the board).


Your Hand
Ten of ClubsTen of Diamonds
Opponent's Hand
Ace of ClubsFive of Clubs
The Board
Nine of ClubsSix of ClubsThree of HeartsEight of ClubsSeven of Clubs

Given the board above, while both you and your opponent have each made a straight flush, you have the nut straight flush because you have a Ten-high straight flush while your opponent only has a Nine-high straight flush. There is no way anyone else can have a better hand than yours, so technically speaking, you are also holding the nuts.

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